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Welcome to Rang Dhaaga

RangDhaaga is one of a kind initiative that seeks to bring together the world of weavers and saree lovers. The love towards this unique style of clothing has come back time and again with a contemporary trend attached to it. In the sea of all these beautiful designs, Rangdhaaga seeks to bring back the story of each saree and connect you to the world of the ones creating this magic.

We bring to you a vast collection of sarees from local artisans, weavers and craftsmen who are deeply involved into making sarees, distinct to their respective towns and villages. We believe that in a globalized world like ours, wherein the saree has taken up a whole different meaning, it is the traditional weavers that do not just require our support, but our attention as well. Rangdhaaga intends to represent the world of India’s local artisans whose traditional styles of making a saree, the materials and the colours are given its due importance. The local towns in India are rich with specific fabrics and designs. We wish to bring the world closer to the real beauty of an Indian’s closet.

Each saree is individually hand-picked and carefully brought to you without any middle-man. We recognize the efforts of the weavers and we wish to tell the story behind each of these designs. The patterns and the colours that flow through every yard of the saree are a reflection of the hard work of an artisan and through this collaboration with them, we aim to empower their craft. Since these sarees are freshly and uniquely weaved, there are absolutely no compromises made on their quality, and it allows our customer to possess a saree that is not a part of the mass production.

Our niche and an exclusive eye towards such designs are to create a trend that believes in supporting local handloom sarees and merging the diverse hands of India that are behind the versatility of a saree. Whether it is the soft touch of a Mulmul saree in the summer, or the pastel shades that make the blues go away; we want to make the choice of owning and wearing a saree extremely relevant and contemporary for you.

Not completely detached to the world of weavers, we are a trio from the city of Pondicherry. Our last name, ‘Sengundhar’ is actually a weaving community from the southern part of India, and the business and fondness of keeping this tradition alive can be traced back to our heritage. We know the blood, sweat and tears that go behind the making of each saree and we do believe that every weaver has something new to offer.


Someone who appreciates the meticulous details and finer nuances of a handloom saree, Sudha knew she wanted to work with something that brought a new spin to her passion. With an experience of eight years in the handloom business and 10 years in operations, she has a sharp eye towards the versatile designs, and juggles between her passion for handloom and her two children smoothly.


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